• wusjourn-web

    “I will work for the Success of Western Uganda Science Journalists Network”

    “What USJA has done is unique. It is not usual for national journalism associations to think about journalists who are not based in Kampala. The scaling of USJA to include us gives us confidence and trust that this is an association we should be part of. I confidently say I will work for the success […]

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  • museveni

    Museveni a true champion of climate change adaptation

    On October 31, President Yoweri Museveni was photographed in Luweero district carrying a jerrycan of water on a bicycle. He was promoting irrigation. To many people, the act of the President pushing water on a bicycle appeared hilarious, if not ridiculous. Comments on social media and in bars went about how Museveni was demonstrating backwardness. Many, […]

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  • shoebill

    Lira prepares to evict encroachers from wetlands

    People occupying wetlands and those cultivating in them in Lira district should start looking for other places to settle in before they are evicted forcefully. Richard Mugolo, Chief Administrative Officer for Lira, says that the district is about to implement a directive by President Yoweri Museveni to free wetlands of settlements throughout the country. In […]

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  • rising-temperatures-pic-crop

    Politicians feel heat from rising temperatures

    New research shows that the hotter it gets, the quicker the pace of political change. Flickr Photo By Kieran Cooke New research shows that the hotter it gets, the quicker the pace of political change. Not only is climate change bad for the planet, but rising temperatures could mean politicians face a greater risk of […]

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  • Proud members of Eastern Uganda Science Journalists Network

    USJA takes Science Journalism Movement to Eastern Uganda

    Climate change is one of the hottest topics world leaders are discussing today. It all started as a global warming issue with scientific reports disclosing a rise in average surface temperatures on earth which was manifested when the ice in the arctic and glaciers started melting worldwide. While climate scientists and climate policy makers understand […]

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