29 Jan

3 Things to Do before Launching your Website in Uganda

You have a business, NGO, school or hotel and you are about to launch your new website? In any case, you should know that a launching involves preparing. Here’s how to get the most out of your first website visits (and enquiries!) from the first day.

1. Create a “Coming Soon” page

Do not wait for your website to be online to promote it. A good way to inform clients of the upcoming launch of your website (and incidentally to build a base of potential customers!) is to create a “Coming Soon” page. You will titillate the curiosity of website users (just like a movie trailer) and establish your presence on the web.

Good to know

On the D-Day, send an email to people whose addresses you have collected to alert them that the web now has one more website!

2. Work your presence on social networks

Do not ignore social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, etc.). Be active in the community related to your field of activity. The goal is not to make friends but to share your expertise with other members, and to intervene in discussions … In short, to help you regularly remind your contacts that the launch of your new website is approaching…

3. Have a mini-site or a blog

Posting articles related to your business before your website is online will generate traffic (website visitors). Likewise, sharing your (digital) adventures will humanize your project. And for optimal distribution, relay your production (texts, photos) on social networks.

Good to know

Once your website is launched, do not delete your blog (you might frustrate your readers!) But instead move it to a “/ blog” folder.

The key points to remember:

  • Being present on the Internet before the official launch of your website will help you build a digital brand.
  • Integrating social networks as early as possible into your marketing strategy will save you valuable time.
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