22 Jan

3 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Design in Uganda

Having your own website is good but it’s not enough. Before monetizing your it, you need to enhance your website to make it known and boost the traffic. And for that, it is essential to refine its content. Here’s how.

1. Submit original content

On the web, it is important to stand out from the competition. Offering unique content (an innovative concept, new offers, etc.) will add real value to your site and help it stand out. Do not hesitate to watch what is done elsewhere. Whether it is to inspire you (beware of “duplicated” content!) Or move away from it.

“They knew it was impossible, so they did it.” Be careful, this quote from Mark Twain is not to apply to the letter! If something has never been tried, maybe it’s a “wrong” good idea?

2. Propose clear content

Like you, Internet users do not have time to waste. So make it easier for them by quickly providing them with the information (contact, quote request, etc.) they came for. This is even more true for “mobile users” for whom the content of a site (especially in its mobile version) must be short, efficient and easily accessible.

Put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors: what would make you flee from the homepage? Or would you rather stay?

3. Offer attractive content

Attracting visitors is good. To have them stay on your site is better. The more a user spends time on a page, the more useful and relevant Google will be. And better your site will be referenced. Remember to insert links to other pages of your site. This will significantly increase the average connection time of your visitors.

The images are appreciated by both your website visitors and search engine robots like Google.

Key points to remember

  • A powerful website is not an empty shell (nor a happy bazaar!).
  • Design counts (it’s the branding of your business) but the best of a website has to be the content.
  •  Make it short, effective and simplify to the maximum.
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