31 Jan

How long will it take to design my website in Uganda?

Rome was not built in one day, and it did not build itself! Well, with your website, it’s the same thing. From conception to launch (and even after!), you will have to devote time to it.

1. Before launch

Entrusting the creation of your website to professionals in Uganda will guide you in thinking creatively about your project. What are your needs? What are your expectations? Which clientele do you target? Depending on your answers, the format your website may be one of the following: simple promotional showcase website or e-commerce website allowing Internet users to buy online, static or dynamic website etc. Indispensable, this phase of reflection will be recorded in a specification document. If you have hired professional web designers in Uganda, they will help you record it.

Good to know

  • For the creation of a “showcase” website, count about a month.
  • And up to 6 months if it is an e-commerce website.

2. During its conception

Once your web design company has worked on your website, stay involved. Your website is a house under construction and the specifications are the plan. Clearly, expect to be regularly consulted: validation of models, choice of layout of the website, etc. You will also need to start providing content (text as well as images) to present your company, products, etc.

3. After its creation

After it has been launched, your website will need you more than ever. To give it life, feed it, promote it on social networks, ensure that it is well referenced, update its pages, etc. And again, you will spend time there.

Good to know

  • Look after the photos on your website. Internet users attach a lot of importance to them.
  • For text, opting for a web editor will relieve your workload.

Key points to remember

  • A website is more than just a business card: it must be lively.
  • Spending time asking the right questions before you start will save you time!
  • Spend 15 minutes a day on your website rather than every Sunday afternoon.
  • Once your website is online, do not leave it unattended, it could drown!
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